“The Unrest That Leads to Revival”

Donna Rigney,

Salt Springs, Florida

From Unrest to Revival: Do Not Fear! God Is in Control

On 7/30/2019, the Lord gave me this word: Sitting on a bench, on the mountain of intimacy with My Lord, I heard, “There is a lot of unrest coming to the world. This will set the stage for a revival like none other. This unrest will not touch you, My friend, but it will touch many, even those close to you. It will cause the lukewarm to run to us for the help they need. Yes, there will be riots in the streets of many nations –even your own. But in all this, I will remain seated on My throne, and My will shall be done on this earth.”Multitudes will seek My face, humble themselves, turn from their wicked ways and pray, and I will hear them and I will heal their land.

“Before this revival erupts, you will see this worldwide unrest.I am telling you this so you will not be discouraged or lose your faith in what I have told you is coming. This upheaval is all part of My plan to put hunger and desperation in the hearts of My children. Just like when My people were enslaved in Egypt, it took the hand of a heavy, cruel taskmaster for My children to cry out for deliverance. Suffering purifies hearts and motives far more than success and luxury does.

“Civil unrest is coming very soon, but fear not, for I am on My throne and in control. You and yours will not be harmed or affected by it negatively, but it will cause many to seek you and your ministry for prayer and for the miracles they see and hear your God does for and through your prayers.”

I saw God’s hand, huge and powerful, upon this world. He explained it is His hand that keeps everything in order. Then He lifted His hand off just a little bit and chaos reigned where there once was peace.

The Lord said, “Only those who have My hand of favor on them will escape the chaos that is coming to this world. It will not last long, because many will run back to Me and multitudes that never knew Us will find Us. Evil will reign for a short time, but never over you or yours! The soul of your nation is at stake. Know this when you see and hear these events take place:

 “I am a good Father who does discipline My children for their good and for the sake of their souls.”

Joel 2:1-3, “…[T]he day of the Lord is coming…a day of darkness and gloom…Before them fire devours…”

It’s Harvest Time!

On 8/7/2019, the Lord spoke this to me:

“These are days of great sorrow for many, and at the same time, days of great joy, prosperity, promotion and success for others. Because it is harvest time, many are reaping wicked seeds they sowed, while others sowed faithfully, after repenting for their sins, and they are reaping a bountiful harvest of wonderful blessings. But at the same time, those who were faithful did have enemies about them who sowed tares among their wheat (good seeds). Through no fault of their own, they are enduring suffering, while reaping their good harvest.

“Because I am just, I shall rescue My faithful ones from the injustice and malicious mistreatment of others, if they will let Me by surrendering all – including their harvest field – to Me.”

Psalm 41:2, “The Lord will protect and preserve him; He will bless him in the land and refuse to surrender him to the will of his foes.”

Psalm 40:15, “May those who say to me, ‘Aha! Aha!’ be appalled at their own shame.”

These Are the Days of Elijah

On 8/10/2019, I heard God say:

“These are the days of Elijah – days of glory, miracles and days of persecution. Do not run in fear when your foe breathes threats at you, but instead pick up the weapons of your warfare, stand your ground and fight. Then you will see your foe retreat and run in fear; all that he stole or attempted to steal will be restored. Stand your ground and resist all of his attempts to frighten you into retreat. Don’t ever give up in discouragement, but instead stand fast and fight like a mighty, valiant warrior in your King’s army.

“Declare what I say and what I promise; don’t ever declare what your foe threatens to do to you. If you speak his words, then you give him the right to do exactly what he has threatened to do to you. Instead, as you speak My words, advance and fight the good fight of faith, what he has threatened to do to you will fall on his head.

“I am gathering My end time army in this hour. Those who walk in faith and have learned well, by My Spirit’s guidance, to defeat the foe, will be selected by My hand to join the ranks of the fearless ones.”

Psalm 6:8, 10, “Away from me, all you who do evil…All my enemies will be overwhelmed with shame and anguish; they will turn back and suddenly be put to shame.”

   These Are the Days of Elisha

On 9/2/2019, the Lord told me:

“There are those who think they know Me and know My ways, but they have been deceived because a spirit of deception rules your land. Where truth once sat supreme, now many wholeheartedly embrace the lies the enemy shouts to them about others, themselves and Us.

“These are the days of Elijah and Elisha – days when those mentored by My prophets will pick up their mantles and faithfully execute My will, speak My word, pray and proclaim all My Spirit wants to proclaim and pray through them. Multiplied miracles are coming to your land, because I do have a remnant that is ready to run to their assignments. This is the hour for the double portion, for the overflow of My glory.

“This land will dance and sing of My goodness and rejoice in the love of the God who has rescued them time and time again, because He is merciful and compassionate.”

Luke 8:10, “…[T]he knowledge of the secrets of the Kingdom of God has been given to you, but to others, I speak in parables…”

A Sign from Heaven: Diamonds Falling Like Snow

I Received the Following on 9/5/2019:

“These are the days of Elijah and Elisha – days of great glory and multiplied miracles; days where the Church will impact the government and the world.”

I saw a vision of lots of diamonds falling like snow, as I walked with Jesus in the spirit. He said, “These diamonds are a sign of what is coming – of great value and greatly desired will be those things We shower down on you and your nation. 

This is a sign from Heaven of the new atmosphere you will be walking, breathing and living in. It will be an atmosphere of love, acceptance, joy, health, miracles and great peace.”

A Great War

I heard a very important message on 9/6/2019:

Jesus appeared to me in the spirit; He was dressed in the same long, flowing, light blue garment He had on when I first saw Him, when I was seven years old. He was so strong and larger than life. His body was glorified. He told me that someday I, too, would have a glorified body, so majestic like His. He invited me to come some place very special with Him. I wondered if it was one of the places we had visited in the past, like the Mountain of Intimacy, the beach or the gardens in Heaven. He laughed heartily, took my left hand in His, and off we went. We walked into glory.

Then out of nowhere appeared Holy Spirit on my right side. I never saw Holy Spirit so clearly before. He was dressed in a red and gold garment – very majestic and authoritative – regal like a warrior King. He, too, laughed heartily when He came next to me. Then as we advanced in the spirit, I saw my Father sitting on His throne. All I could see was a brilliant white light pouring off of Him. As in the past, I could only see His form, and the form of my two Companions; but no details of what they looked like was allowed for me to see. Jesus had taken me into the throne room to visit the Father with Holy Spirit. I ran into the Father’s arms and just soaked in His loving acceptance.

Then He spoke to me, “A great war is coming to your land. This war will be different than what you expect. It will not be another nation invading yours, but it will be war fought from within. Your foe is causing great dissension and strife – brother fighting against brother. His purpose is to stop the great revival from being birthed and advancing. He will not succeed. This is why we laugh. We know the beginning from the end. Far greater is My power than his power. I have those My Spirit will work through to fight the forces of darkness and to defeat the evil one.”

I knew this was why Holy Spirit was dressed in such regal, militant garments. Then I heard the Father say, “Mobilize the troops, daughter. Holy Spirit will help you. Pick up the weapons of your warfare. I have trained My army well to use their most effective weapons – love and forgiveness. Through prayer, you will see those who hate what stands for good and are blinded by deception, turn to Me and embrace My ways. Teach My children what I have taught you. Show them how to pray with love, compassion and forgiveness for those who have sought to destroy, divide and demolish the nation from within. This is how the battle will be won: through prayers motivated by love, forgiveness and compassion. We rejoice because We know our power for good is far greater than the enemy’s power for evil.”

I realized that many of the trials I had endured from those who hated, rejected and mistreated me were used by my Father to teach me how to love my enemies, so they could be set free. Once again I heard, “Mobilize the troops, daughter, for the battle rages. Remember, you are on the winning side, and I will not be stopped from fulfilling My promise to pour My Spirit out on all flesh.”

I Will Keep Your Land and Your President Safe

On 4/17/2020, I received a word about our president: The Lord brought me to the top of the Mountain of Intimacy where we sit together frequently. This is the place where He shows me things that are coming to the earth. He said: “Your enemies – the enemies of your nation – perceive that you are in a weakened state and, because of this, are planning to attack your land. I have given your president a ‘heads up’ and shown him exactly what is coming, who is behind it, and how to disarm the foe long before he strikes. I will keep your land safe and no harm will befall your president, because he lives for Us. This foreign invasion will not be launched.

“A new determination fills the heart of your president and those trusted advisors about him. He will strike fear, through My grace and instruction, in the hearts of those who planned this assault. All will be exposed to the light. Because he loves me and because he stands his ground against those who scheme to destroy Israel, I have forewarned and forearmed Donald Trump. Joy, not fear, fills his heart, for he knows that many more are for him than are against him. He knows I will never leave him or forsake him as he leads this beloved nation. Confidence in Me fills his heart and keeps his mind in perfect peace.