The Holy Spirit lives in you!

Dr. Sharon Stone, Windsor, United Kingdom

27th June 2021

The Holy Spirit lives in you!

Oh, and I just hear the Lord saying this to you. 

The Lord says the Holy Spirit lives in you,
to teach you
to comfort you
to help you
to strengthen you
to lead you and
to convict you

The Holy Spirit is given to you and

He will give you power,
and he reminds you of the words that I’ve spoken,
and he will pray for you
and he will pray through you.
He bears his fruit through you.
He sets you free,
he seals you with him
Father God, he bears witness about me.
He gives utterances, in tongues,
and he gives life to your physical body.
He knows father God’s thoughts for you.
He bears witness with your spirit that you are God’s child.
He washes you
sanctifies you
justifies you.
He makes you a minister of the new covenant, and
he searches you and
He blesses you,
Says the Lord.

And Jesus says
He is your friend.
He is your counsellor,
he is alongside you right now to help you in every situation.

And it is better that he is there with you than me in the flesh there with you. He’s there with you for Holy Spirit is the very life source, living in you to declare everything, I inherited for you in my glorification, Says Jesus. Amen.