This Pentecost will offer you a “New Bold, Courageous, Empowered Witness Mantle.” When the 120 left the Upper Room, they did not just leave speaking in tongues. They left with a New Bold, Courageous, Empowered Witness Mantle. God says, “So will you!”

On the 26th of March 2020, Wall Street Journal printed an article titled

“A Coronavirus Great Awakening?” The article started with: “Could a plague of biblical proportions be the best hope for religious revival?”

I want to say the Church will never be the same, but I’m sure some will be. So I’m going to say, the church should never be the same. Many of us knew in some ways this was coming, but we did not expect it overnight

Crisis is an accelerator. The corona virus has done the difficult work for us, by forcing churches to find God’s New Normal. If we could have voted, we would have chosen a gradual leading of the Spirit of God, rather than the forced change of the pandemic. Crisis forced us to do things we previously knew were on God’s agenda sometime in the future, but we thought we would have time later on.

God says, “There is a grace for clarity I am offering you, that you might see:

You have not just been through a devastating interruption of death, national debt and hopeless racism. This is not just the thief coming to steal, kill and destroy.  But this is a Holy Spirit disruption of deliverance, wealth transfer and exposed injustice, for righteous real change.

It’s not about Fear,

But Faith that My Kingdom is coming to earth.

This is not just a circumstantial adjustment,

It’s a Divine advancement.

This is not just a crisis predicament,

But a planned promotion for My Church in the earth.

This is not just about an upheaval,

But an upgrade.

It is not about following a trend,

But a transformation.

It’s not about a prediction,

But a Holy Progress.

It’s not about a coincidence,

But a correction.

It’s not about the gloom,

But My Glory covering the earth.

Do not receive this as a minor alteration,

But this is a 1st love Jesus alignment.

I am offering you a mindset for Apostolic innovation

That I have been leading you into for a long time

It’s not just about social distancing modifications,

But mobilization.

It’s not just development,

But deployment.

It’s not just about rearranging,

But redeeming.

It’s not about Hardships,

But the Harvest of Souls.

For such a time as this,

The Church has left the Building

What you have learned inside the church walls, can now be fully demonstrated outside those walls. You are commissioned and sent with a “New Bold, Courageous, Empowered Witness Mantle.”