See, I have this day set thee over the nations and over the kingdoms, to root out, and to pull down, and to destroy, and to throw down, to build, and to plant (Jeremiah 1:10 KJV).

I AM a God of order and justice and not a God of confusion or unrighteousness. You will see a shift in this season marking a new era that will separate good from evil and evil from good. In the previous season I poured out rivers of divine refreshment from My throne and invited My people to freely enjoy the current of My goodness and glory. I opened up the wells of My mercy, grace, and unconditional love and invited My people to imbibe deeply. I held nothing back.

Many came to know Me in deep and intimate ways and have followed Me faithfully, yet others who encountered and experienced My kindness have failed to embrace My ways and have corrupted many through their waywardness, complacency, and tolerance. It is time to beckon all to return to My righteous and uncompromised order.

As the church goes, so go the nations. Many nations are in disarray because My church is in disarray, but this will change for I am calling for reformation and divine alignment.

It is time to re-form. It is time to align. It is time to awaken My people unto My truth. My church will experience shakings and I will purge and reform it; My church will look different in the days to come, for this is not a season of “business as usual.” Reformation in the church and reformation through the church will be established in this era.

It is time for My righteous reformers who are in true partnership with Me to arise and call for alignment to My Word and ways. My reformers will carry great authority and will initiate change that will bring transformation. They will address things that need to be uprooted and destroyed and they will also build and plant.

Due to their bold and uncompromised stand, My reformers will be misunderstood and persecuted by many in My church as well as in the world, but they will represent My interests alone and not the interests of those who have rebelled against My Word. They will open up their mouths wide and I will fill them. They will not have regard for their own lives even though the cost might be great. They will be marked by love, and you will know them by My love as love will be their motive and greatest aim—love will fill their hearts. They will love Me, they will love My church, and they will love the cause that I burn within their hearts.

Many of those I am marking as reformers are not yet known, for they have been hidden for such a time as this. They have been fasting and praying. They have been seeking My face. They have been preparing their hearts before Me and have embraced My discipline. They have humbled themselves before Me and have submitted to My dealings in their lives. They are ready to arise.

My reformers will lift their voices with bold faith in this hour of shaking and will not be silent. I will speak to them in the night hours and I will speak to them at noon-day. They will know My voice and they will be fearless and of good courage. My reformers will not only deliver the message, they will become the message that will re-form. My reformers are true servants wearing mantles of prophets, priests, and kings.

My company of reformers are not interested in being popular in man’s eyes; rather, they are committed to pleasing their Father in Heaven. They are not interested in money, fame, or personal gain. My reformers will raise the bar and fearlessly and lovingly confront lawlessness, injustice, and those things that need alignment to My Word.

Watch and see what I will do, says the Lord. This is an era of tensions that will bring about alignment through shakings and breakings. Much alignment is needed. Pray for reformation!

An Era of Reformers Arising was a prophetic revelation received from the Lord: September 2019

Excerpt from: A Prophetic Manifesto for a New Era, by Patricia King

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