Holy Innovation Nation 

Rob Cates 

17th June 2020 

 “You are My holy innovation nation and I am bringing you forth in creative glory so that the world will see My goodness!” 

“…you are a chosen people. You are royal priests, a holy nation, God’s very own possession. As a result, you can show others the goodness of God, for He called you out of the darkness into His wonderful light.” 1 Peter 2:9 NLT 

I heard the Spirit of the Lord say, 

It is time to recognise who you are Church! It is time to stand in your royalty and priesthood as a global holy nation so that the world will know HOW GOOD I am! You are royal which means you must rule! You are holy which means you must do things My way. You are priests which means you must minister both to me and to the world especially in this time that feels so chaotic. 

I am the Creator God who hovers over chaos. The One who hovers over the deep and the One who speaks “light” in darkness. It is I who separated the land and sea. It is I who formed the dry land (Psalm 95:5) and made it hospitable. It was I who spoke “peace be still” to the storm. 

It is I who am bringing peace and a new order out of the chaos of the current climate. Even in the midst of turmoil it is I who am still hovering, brooding over your situation even as My Spirit brooded over the deep at creation. 

It was I who brought water from the Rock (Exodus 17:6-7). Even as I told My prophet Moses to take the elders and leaders with Him to see my provision of water, so I am call upon the elders and leaders of the Church to hear My words through the prophets for I am revealing the new way I am doing things in this time.   

As water flowed from the rock, the hard place, so too as many turn to the Rock Jesus there will be a fresh flowing of my Spirit in these days. Out of these hard and difficult places shall flow a River of life and everywhere it goes I shall release the new, the creative. My people shall become the conduits for the release of innovation that is required in these days to rebuild nations and birth the new. 

Solutions are coming forth in this time. New collaborations and hybrids are being birthed for this is a season of birthing. 

Be prepared, this creativity and season of birthing will be accompanied by the birthing pains which are about to intensify. You may feel out of control or that nothing is really happening for you. But trust this process for you are in “transition”. 

As I was enquiring of the Lord how we are to birth the new creative innovation of the new era He led me to review the stages of childbirth. The following is from the website www.todaysparent.com  

“…transition is best known for it’s emotional challenges… a woman’s behaviour may change. She doesn’t know what to do. She may be panicked, scared, and nothing helps. At this point some women say, “I can’t do this” or “I need something for the pain.” 

The website goes on to list five points of advice to help prepare for this phase of childbirth: 

  1. “focus on breathing” – we must ensure that we are so intimate with Holy Spirit in this season that His Presence truly becomes the air we breathe moment by moment; 
  1. “make sounds” – these sounds are the honest, deep groaning of the moment. God is calling us to get honest with Him about how we feel and then to express these deep groans in prayer, worship, and adoration, prayer; 
  1. “change position” – God is saying this is the time for many to move – church, home, job, room in your house where you pray, MINDSET, political and cultural opinions 
  1. “Let go – accept and work with your body. Complete surrender is required. The rational mind is subsumed… out of body experience.” God is saying it is time to get rid of our control issues and self-protection once and for all; 
  1. “Ask for help” – God is telling us to reach out not only to Him but to the Body of Christ. It is time to truly lean on Him and lean on the Bride. While in worship at home recently I spontaneously began to sing I Song of Solomon 8:5, “Who is this coming up from the wilderness, leaning on her beloved?” Those who want to come up out of this wilderness season in the power and Presence of the Lord will be those who have learned to fully lean on Him and not their own understanding (Proverbs 3:5) 

In this process of birthing the new, not only is patience required to wait upon the timing of the Lord and endurance in His strength to get through but also many old things that have seemed important and precious will need to die. I heard the Spirit of the Lord say, “Take the shotgun and shoot the cow. It isn’t holy and I don’t want it.” In Exodus 32 the children of Israel got bored of waiting for Moses and sinned against God by making a golden calf. This idol became a blockage between them and God.  

The Lord showed me a cow in the middle of a busy street in India. In Hinduism cows are seen as holy. In India, Holy Cows are idols that get in the way of the traffic and flow.  

  1. The Lord said, “There are many holy cows in the church. Structures, mindsets, ways of doing things, many things that people have held dear that I am no longer interested in. Take the shotgun and shoot those cows! They are not holy unto me! All holy cows are the elephants in the room that everyone avoids dealing with. It’s time to stop avoiding and start letting me deal with the idols.” What are the issues that you’ve avoided dealing with, conversations you’ve avoided that have been blockages? Some have really suffered by not addressing it thinking it was loyalty or that it was just you developing Christ-like character when in actual fact it has been the thing that needs addressing. It is time to ask for the fear of the Lord to overcome the fear of man so these things can be addressed. 
  1. The Lord said, “There are many carrying regrets. They hold these regrets by polishing them, going over them again and again feeling that by keeping on polishing that thing you feel like we are making up for it or paying penance. It is time to truly receive My grace and move on in freedom and joy!” 
  1. The Lord said, “For many brokenness, sickness have become identities and victim mentalities have held them back from their destinies like the lame man at the Pool of Bethsaida (John 5). Some people’s hearts are stuck in the pitiful place of crying out ‘Please feel sorry for me, but don’t ask me to change’. While others are stuck in fierce independence defiantly saying in their hearts ‘Don’t feel sorry for me. I can get along just fine! Don’t ask me to change!’ It is time to both shake off both mentalities and allow Me and people in.” 

As we allow the Lord to deal with our holy cows and forbidden areas, as we return to the Rock, Jesus, and allow the Holy Spirit to flow even through our hard and chaotic places, as we allow God to help us in the birthing, His promise to us as a global holy nation is: “You are My holy innovation nation and I am bringing you forth in creative glory so that the world will see My goodness!”