Historic Markers often come through points of outrage, crisis or the unexpected. 

My Church advancing on the internet platform is a Historic Marker. It was launched from the unexpected pandemic crisis. Evangelism will now be enhanced through television and the internet, rather than presently closed stadiums.

Passover 2020 was also a Historic Marker. This was your promised deliverance from fear and death. This deliverance is a process and will impact nations differently. I promise you the Covid crisis will not indefinitely hold you in captivity.

There will also be a Historic Marker of Reform. Lawmakers in response to a cry of outrage from Global Protests of Injustice will begin this reform. I see statues angrily torn down, which also becomes a Historic Marker of Past Racist Heroes no longer tolerated. (this prophesy was given a month before George Floyd’s murder)

Governments paying out the largest economic relief packages ever was also a Historic Marker. During Lockdown these stimulus funds brought nations into great debt, but there will be another Historic Marker of Financial Rebound, many will call it a Biblical Jubilee or Wealth Transfer.

The air will have a great absence of airplanes, as travel restrictions become a Historic Marker of Virtual Business Conferencing. 2020 will not experience many holiday travellers, but they will return. But Business travel has been changed forever.

In my spirit I feel several other Historic Markers I do not have the words for yet.

I pray you will realise you are a part of God’s acceleration of changing history.