Prophetic Training – Advancing In The Prophetic – Session 5


This course is the most requested training from others wanting to develop in the prophetic!

- If you’re struggling to make sense of what you’re experiencing,

- if you feel stuck in the same level of clarity in divine revelation,

- or if you’re a novice or seasoned prophet who just wants more,

this course is for you!

This Training Course will include:

– How to best give Sensitive Revelation,
– Corrective Prophetic Words,
– Directive Words
– Relational Words
– And Culture/Political Declaration in the public arena.

This will be predominantly a Training Course, not a teaching course.

What Does That Mean?

– Half of our time will be Prophetic Activations vs a quarter of the time in our normal courses.
– Students will be divided into the Activation Rooms, which will provide the breakthrough, they need most.

Activation Room 1: Will be for those who have not yet had breakthrough into a flow of prophecy for one-minute minimum. This is for novices and experienced prophets who are stuck in Words of Knowledge without an ease of prophetic flow.
Activation Room 2: Will be for those with an easy one-minute prophetic flow, desiring greater clarity, facts and details.

This is for those who are experienced prophetically, but not fully recognised/developed.

International Students:
We are aware that some international students may be unable to attend the live sessions. You will be able to access the sessions on the archive after the live events. However, please note that watching the archive, means you don’t get the benefit of taking part in the live activations, but we encourage you to find people that you can practice the activations with.

If you would like to see what time the live course will be taking place in your own time zone, please click on this handy time converter link to look it up:

Welcome to your destiny!

God is here for you and so am I.

I am praying for your Prophetic Advancement!

Dr Sharon Stone