1 Corinthians 13:9 “For we know in part and we prophesy in part”. As we come together, we have a more complete picture for the advance of God’s Kingdom!


Dr. Sharon Stone

Dr. Sharon Stone has pioneered and facilitated many National Prophetic Roundtables since 2000.



Christian International (Dr. Bill Hamon)

Apostolic Council of Prophetic Elders (Dr. Cindy Jacobs)

CI Europe & Prophetic Voice (Dr. Sharon Stone)

Dr. Arleen Westerhof

Dr. Arleen Westerhof has pioneered and facilitated the Netherlands Prophetic Council.


Harvest International Ministries (Dr. Che Ahn)

Women on the Frontlines (Dr. Patricia King)

Coalition for Apostolic Reformation (Dick and Arleen Westerhof)

Economic Summit (Dr. Arleen Westerhof)

Dr. Sharon Stone (England) and Dr. Arleen Westerhof (Netherlands) both work closely with some of the most established, reputable and well known Prophets in the world.

Since 2018 both Dr. Sharon and Dr. Arleen have also come together to launch the EPC, European Prophetic Council.The EPC has gathered some of the most respected and emerging prophetic voices across Europe and the Nordic countries. They are aware that Europe’s church has been skeptical and slow to embrace Prophets and Prophecy. They have platformed integral voices throughout Europe to call prophets out of their caves and to build biblical accountability to spoken revelation.

Also, the EPC gather each year to pray and seek the Lord for a timely word for the following season.

It is their conviction to function as an Acts 13:13 group. These verses note that it was the Holy Spirit releasing a prophetic word to the group, as opposed to the exclusive word of any one prophet. So, it is the annual consensus of our EPC prophets that their words are judged, valued, and propagated for the advance of the Kingdom of God.

Read the latest 2023 Word of the Lord, written by the European Prophetic Council.

European Prophetic Council Summit 2023