Emerging prophets and

Apostles to the

nations (EPAN)

European Prophets & Apostles to the Nations

Is a community of like-minded Prophets / Apostles & Prophetic / Apostolic people from every sphere of society who are passoinate about advancing the Kingdom of God to the Nations.

The Purpose of EPAN

is to impact the status of Sheep or Goat cities, regions and nations through coming alongside mature and novice Prophets / Apostles and Prophetic / Apostolic People.

EPAN is designed for

covering, developing, and aligning you to speak to the issues shaping the nations on God’s behalf. For you to release God’s solutions above man’s & media’s opinion.

Why Now?

There is a tangible battle going on for the souls of our nations. Rev 16:14 says that there are demonic spirits being released in greater ways against nations. God is still working among the nations and weighing them on His scales of justice and righteousness and He is calling You, His Prophets / Apostles to function together in complement vs. competition to release His strategies and build what is next in these last days.

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Enquire below so we can mentor, empower and equip you to use divine revelation in your sphere of influence, for the benefit of nations.

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