“The Judge Has Ruled in Your Favor – Divine Recompense!”

Agnes Ebedi, Cleveland, Tennessee

16th November 2021

A Time of Rapid Restoration

Recently I’ve been hearing the words “recompense,” “resurrection” and “restoration” during my times of prayer. I heard the Spirit of God say that recompense and restoration are being released rapidly in this season to those who have felt robbed by the enemy in the last season.

As we move toward the end of the year, many will begin to experience sudden miracles of rapid restoration.

What the Enemy Tried to Abort, God Is Resurrecting

The Father gave me two very distinct dreams about this coming season of recompense, resurrection and restoration. In the first dream, I was standing in a gigantic courtroom in the United States. There were numerous people as far as my eyes could see, and I even recognized some current prophetic generals of faith. We brought a petition before the Judge concerning the sanctity of life and were requesting that He would rule in our favor.

The atmosphere was so tense as people’s eyes and hearts were full of anticipation for a positive outcome, even though it seemed impossible. Suddenly, the Judge lifted His gavel for what seemed like an eternity (you could have sliced through the tension in the atmosphere with a knife). Suddenly, He thrust it down forcefully, ruling in our favor! A law was passed that would overturn the legalization of abortion.

When I awakened, the Father said to me that the meaning of this dream was two-fold. First, in the coming days, many who have been crying out for the preservation of the life of the unborn, and for the overturning of the demonic plot sent against them, are going to see massive victory! Policies and statutes will be set in place that will favor the sanctity of life.

Second, many of God’s people have been carrying personal promises that the enemy had tried to abort in the past season. Many have even come to the place of birthing their promise from God but have experienced unusual warfare. But I heard the Spirit of God declaring Isaiah 40:2—that the season of warfare is ended!

“Speak tenderly to Jerusalem, and proclaim to her that her hard service has been completed, that her sin has been paid for, that she has received from the Lord’s hand double for all her sins.” (Isaiah 40:2)

Just like the Judge in my dream who ruled in favor of life, I heard the Father say: “The heavenly court is in session.” Heavy conversation is going on in the courts of Heaven. This is the season of answered prayers. God has ruled in our favor! Resurrection life is now being released to promises that have died prematurely, which the enemy attempted to abort. Many shall give birth to their promises in this season, in Jesus’ name!

Restoration Is Being Released to the United States of America, Australia and the Nations!

The Father has been speaking to me about a mighty move of His Spirit coming to the nations, especially to the United States of America and Australia. And I saw that the cities which have experienced unrest in this past season shall now move into a time of peace and restoration.

A few nights ago, I had a very POWERFUL dream about Australia and the United States. In this dream, I was standing in a long hallway. The hallway was painted white and the glory of God filled it, resembling a thick, beautiful cloud that rested on us.

I was surrounded by a number of women who I recognized to be Australian. As I began to walk down the hallway, it suddenly opened up into an area that looked like the United States. The glory of God filled the atmosphere, and as I walked, I saw more women; these women were from the United States.

I then began to speak to one of the women who was a Christian and an elected government official. She had been requesting that some of the laws which restricted freedom of movement (within and between countries) be changed. In the dream, she had temporarily lost her position in leadership because of her stance. There were also attacks that came against her in an attempt to silence her. As the other women and I began to lift up our voices in prayer for her, suddenly the scene changed. In the next scene, she informed us that she had been restored to her position in government and was also granted a promotion!

When I awakened, I heard the Father say that He is about to shake the nations—especially the United States and Australia—with a mighty move of His Spirit.

Just as Daniel was thrown into the lions’ den due to being falsely accused (Daniel 6), many in this season have been falsely accused and prematurely removed from positions in systems where they once were leading, or had jurisdiction. Just as Daniel was restored overnight, many who have stood for righteousness in this season will be restored back into leadership positions in the 7 Mountains. 

The enemy has attempted to silence many, but now divine promotion shall be released for righteous voices to be heard! This is the hour of restoration!

Pray Until Restoration Is Released

I feel an urgency in my spirit to release a clarion call for Believers to pray with an intensity like never before. In Esther 6, the annihilation of the Jews was imminent but the power of prayer destroyed the demonic verdict, causing favor and restoration to be granted to God’s people. As a result of these prayers, the king favored and promoted Mordecai, but the very one that had plotted Mordecai’s demise hung on the gallows he had built.

Yet again, we are in an hour where the prayers of the righteous are required to put a stop to the plan of the enemy and usher in this season of restoration and divine reversal. Restoration is imminent as we lift our voices in the place of prayer. Just like the widow with the unjust judge, who kept requesting justice (Luke 18:1-8), I heard the Spirit of God say that He will bring about justice speedily for the sake of His elect, releasing recompense, resurrection and rapid restoration.

Declarations to Activate This Season of Restoration

The Word of God declares in Proverbs 6:31 that when the thief is caught, he must pay back seven times what he stole. I declare, in the name of Jesus, that everything the enemy stole in the past season shall now be restored a thousand-fold! I declare a restoration of finances, of family relationships, of new jobs, of ministries and of businesses, in Jesus’ name!

I declare that there shall be restoration of righteous voices in the 7 Mountains of society—in education, government, media, arts & entertainment, economics, church and family—in Jesus’ name!

I decree that there shall be a restoration and resurrection of promises that died prematurely. Recompense shall be released immediately, in Jesus’ name! I prophesy that this is the set time for restoration in Jesus’ mighty name!

Agnes Ebedi
Agnes Ebedi Ministries
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Agnes Ebedi is a woman of God with a strong prophetic anointing. Her vision is to see people all across the globe encounter the person, presence and power of God. Believing that nothing is impossible with God, she has a strong passion to infuse Believers with supernatural faith that enables them to experience all God has ordained for them. Agnes is a mentor and teacher in the Grow network, Nate and Christy Johnston’s prophetic school. She also speaks and ministers at churches and conferences across the United States, including her home church, Ramp Church, in Chattanooga, Tennessee, pastored by Andrew and Brooke Towe.