About Christian International Europe 

Dr. Bill Hamon is the founder and bishop of Christian International, a prophetic ministry of integrity for 50 years. He is affectionately recognized by other major prophets as “The Father of Modern Day Prophets”. He has prophesied to more than 100,000 people and provided training for over 500,000 in prophetic ministry. He has authored major books, specializing in the restoration of the Church and what to expect next on God’s agenda. His heart is to impart his 60-plus years of ministerial experience and insight to raise up others.

Dr. Sharon Stone has pioneered Christian International in Europe over 24 years. She is referred to affectionately as “Europe’s Prophet”.

The first thing others say of Sharon is that she sees the best and brings out greatness in others. They attribute this to her prophetic precision and approachable life.  Sharon pastors, ministers at conferences and hosts a monthly “Mentoring Day”.

 In her travels, leaders of Ministries and Government regularly seek consultation.  But the highest tangible strength upon Dr. Sharon is her ability to raise and launch other Prophets to national and international influence (Oh how the world needs this)! Dr. Bill Hamon has publicly referred to her as one of the Top three most accurate prophets.

Our Mission & Commission

Our vision is to provide a place of relationship and accountability, bringing a full restoration to the corporate Body of Christ of all five-fold ministry in various nations of the earth; (Eph. 4:11-13).

The purpose of CIE is to equip and activate the saints in their gifts and callings, provide relationship, establish churches and ministries that are built upon the foundation of the apostles and prophets in Europe (Eph. 2:20). This is to be done without regard to race or gender and will build unity of faith and knowledge of the Son of Man, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Our purpose also is to help bring the Church to full restoration of all things spoken by the prophets so that Christ Jesus can be released from heaven to return and establish His Kingdom and Lordship over all the earth; (Acts 321-25; Rev. 5:10; 11:15).

We are committed to the growth and development of all five-fold ministers – Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor, and Teacher; (Eph.4:11) to help bring about the full restoration of the Church (Acts 3:21) so that Christ Jesus can return.

Our main commission from Christ is to restore the offices of the Apostle and Prophet as the foundational ministries from which all others may be united. Our goal as a Network in the Nations is to establish practices, principles, and truths of the Prophetic Apostolic Movement. This is being done with integrity and power of the Holy Spirit with strong godly, loving relationships.

Levels of Networking


There are levels of relationship offered by Christian International Europe Apostolic Network. Each level carries with it opportunities and expectations.  Any networking ministers can be a part of any of these levels.

Ordained Ministers 

They are called by God into the ministry of apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor or teacher.  They function in any sphere, not exclusive to pulpit ministry.  CIEAN churches are pastored by ordained CIEAN ministers.  

Financial monthly commitment of 10% tithe from minister or ministry.  The minimum financial commitment is £100 a month.

Licensed Ministers 

CIEAN may grant a ministerial license, if you are called to the ministry with little or no experience or fruit as yet. CIEAN will provide general oversight and accountability to you as designated ‘Licensed Minister.’  Then you  may progress by ordination, to level one.

Financial monthly commitment. The minimum financial commitment is £50 a month.

Network Associate

The associate relationship is intended to express the unity CIEAN desires with other Christian networks, churches, ministries and ministers.  You will benefit from CIEAN resources, seminars, and workshops which are available for equipping your churches/ministries, as well as prophetic/apostolic input for building the kingdom.

A “Network Associate” is a relationship with a minister, a local church, a ministry or an individual.  They may be committed primarily to another recognised ministry or network, but have a desire to be associated with CIEAN. 

Financial commitment to CIEAN from minister or ministry.  The minimum financial commitment is £50 monthly or £600 annually.

Want to be a blessing to Christain International Europe?

We would like to make the following document available to people who wish to network with Christian International in Europe.