DrSharon Stone has pioneered Christian International in Europe over 24 years. She is referred to affectionately as “Europe’s Prophet”.
The first thing others say of Sharon is that she sees the best and brings out greatness in others.  They attribute this to her prophetic precision and an approachable life.  Sharon pastors, ministers at conferences and hosts a monthly “Mentoring Day”.


In her travels, leaders of Ministries and Government regularly seek consultation.  But the highest tangible strength upon DrSharon is her ability to raise and launch other Prophets to national and international influence (Oh how the world needs this)! Dr. Bill Hamon has publicly referred to her as one of the Top three most accurate prophets.

Dr. Sharon raised up out of a wheelchair!

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Dr. Sharon’s better half – husband Greg Black.

Dr. Sharon not only raises prophets for the nations, but she is also very proud of her family that she raised.

“My wife, known to you as Dr. Sharon Stone is on the plane again, dreading when her copassenger is going to ask her the predictable question; “What Do You Do?”. I have watched her cringe as she gives them her approachable smile and says; “I am a Christian church pastor, Christian motivational speaker, Christian missionary to the nations, or “I hear from God and tell others what Hsays. Of course, she is all of these and I would add, she is a fearless demon stomping exorcist too. Other’s reactions to her vocation never cease to surprise me. Sometimes they just go quiet, but most of the time they cannot resist asking; “Is God saying anything for me”? At which point, no matter how tired or preoccupied she is, my beautiful wife brings a timely prophetic word that causes them to encounter God.”


– Greg

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