The Day of the Virtual Church is here. There will be a cleansing of the internet with a church-like invasion. God says, “This is part of His fulfilment of His Kingdom Come, His will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.” The internet was made for discipling of people and nations.

A New Decade for the Promotion of the Prophets will see Panels of Prophets all over the internet with a new clarity and acceptance in the church and world. This will open opportunities to influence and counsel government leaders.

God is calling His prophets into an Elijah type authority to steward the atmosphere in a greater way. As Elijah spoke and told the atmosphere what it could and could not do, Prophets be prepared to use you Keys of the Kingdom to forbid and bind. This will save lives.

Prophets everywhere recognize we have entered a New Era. I hear God saying it will be a “Pentecost Era” where great church mobilization/deployment releasing supernatural encounters with Jesus will take place. Your neighbors and the nations will have a Bold Powerful Witness in you.

There will be many New Normals that will signal you have come to the point of no return. It will seem as if you are being forced forward into this Brave New World. New ways of doing things, like working from home more, giving you flexible time for more ministry opportunities.